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GMF Builders and the environment.

Our Planet is precious! As much as i love my profession, the downside remains!-

If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world.

In 2015, it generated around 2.8bn tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 8% of the global total – a greater share than any country other than China or the US.

Cement use is set to rise as global urbanisation and economic development increases demand for new buildings and infrastructure. Along with other parts of the global economy, the cement industry will need to dramatically cut its emissions to meet the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals. However, only limited progress has been made so far.

What action can we take!?

I am personally passionate about implementing any and all best practices to help reduce the negative effect that my proffession has upon the natural environment.  All of our waste is sorted, recycling at source where possible, any remaining spoil is then sent for further recycling- with effective rates of 90%+! We do not travel over 30 minutes to any project, only work local ! We always favour local suppliers, and reduuce travel reuirements so far as possible.

What else can/ do we do!?

We are proud to support the World Land Trust!

For every extension project completed we purchase an acre of land/rainforest/natural habitat to be protected for perpetuity, through the world land trust :

For smaller projects we plant trees.

It's never going to be enough, our planet faces more serious challenges than Covid-19, but with enough awareness, investment and education we can all make a difference and preserve the amazing world as we know it!

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