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Kitchen projects
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Are you thinking of a new Kitchen?

Got a project planned or just getting ideas and prices?




If you are located in and around Peterborough you can benefit from our Award winning building service.

Many years of experience, amazing quality of service, huge portfolio of proven work backed up with 'Trustmark' accreditation, and complete customer satisfaction make us the number 1 choice for your building needs in Peterborough



We provide a complete service to  our clients, dealing with the initial design process, structural calculations, building notice applications, sourcing of materials, plumbing, electrics, gas, carpentry, plastering, tiling and the fitting of the kitchen, giving you time to relax and enjoy your nice new kitchen, having a single point of contact to deal with and manage the whole process.

Get in touch! We are more than happy to talk through initial ideas and give you cost indications without obligation! 

What will happen when work starts?

Single storey kitchen extension-GMFBuild

Structural Openings

Structural openings must be considered at the planning stage, structural calculations will be required, and a significant amount of work may be involved, more so still if the beams are to be hidden and the joists need cutting in to the steel and set on hangers.

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Electrical Alterations

Electrical requirements should be considered at the design stage, Where will you want new lights? will there be under unit lights? What about a water heater or macerater? Will you need additional sockets or a new oven point? Its good to have a clear picture of what you want, you don't want to do things twice! This is also a good time to have the electrical circuits checked for safety and recommendations.

Single storey kitchen extension-GMFBuild

Plumbing Alterations

Plumbing or drainage alterations may be required, especially if the sink position is to move, we often fit sinks into islands now and this normally involves new plumbing supply and drainage being set below the floor.

Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (11

Floor Levelling

A great looking floor starts with a good solid flat and level base, most traditional built homes have whats known as a screed layer, this is essentially the topcoat of the floor construction commonly a sharp sand/cement mix with fibres, although there are many options nowadays including liquid self levelling systems, any new pipework or cable runs can be ducted through this layer as well as any (suitable) underfloor heating.

Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (11


This is when everything starts to look better!, Any channels for cables or pipes are now hidden, the walls and ceilings are covered in plasterboard, all the joints and corners are taped to avoid cracking between sheets, corner beads are set ready for the top coat of plaster.

Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (64
Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (61

Kitchen Installation

This is when everything starts to look even better!, The base and wall units are set into position, plumb and level, filler panels and end panels are scribed to fit seamlessly, internal elements such as storage racks, bins, water heaters are prefitted before the doors and drawer fronts are then added, the handle position confirmed and then its time for the worktop! The electrical lights and sockets are fitted and certified.

Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (51
Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (45

Worktop Installation

Almost there! The installation process is different depending on your choice of worktop, stone, granite, marble types will be templated and made away from site, delivered on an agreed date and installed by the supplier. Solid wood, Laminate and composite worktops will normally require cutting and finishing on site.

The oven, sink and hob are fitted.

Time for Tea!?

That's it! the sink is commissioned, you've got hot and cold water, the electrics are working. Time to put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and enjoy your lovely new kitchen!

Perhaps think about the next project??

Mouse Cottage Renovation - Internals (22


Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Installation



September 2018

Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Installation



February 2019

Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Installation






Main Steet Tansor


Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Installation






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