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Construct garage shell - construct roof and cover with single ply membrane, fit garage door.

Single storey kitchen extension-GMFBuild





Having seen a post on Facebook, i got in touch with Tony, he was looking for a trustworthy and reliable builder in Peterborough to help construct the garage he needed for extra dry space to continue his passion for Motorsport.

He had the concrete base in place and initially just needed someone to construct the shell, after discussing the options we decided on a block structure as there was little budget available.

Once the shell was finished Tony was overwhelmed with the service (and,he'll agree, the amount of work to try and do the roof himself!) and instructed us to complete the project, constructing the roof , fitting a single ply membrane and the associated flashing's.

​!(I cant mention enough the importance of  allowances for extra work you MAY want to do)!

Customer Review:

​"G M F Builders is second to none in all aspects from time keeping presentation punctuality pricing and especially perseverance against weather and timing. I unfortunately was on a strict and short deadline when I’d ask many other builders including friends and family if they could help me they either said it couldn’t be done, or that they would charge me an absolutely ridiculously high price. Until Mr G. Fuller CEO of G M F Guilders graced me with his greatness which he was extremely polite & friendly, straight away he booked in for an estimation came over and gave me a great price especially considering the deadline. All in all I cannot say thank you enough for how they have been and with the absolutely beautiful building I have now and that is only thanks to G M F Builders there isn’t words how describe they are completely faultless and is HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone you simply WILL NOT find better trust me I did my research A*****!!!"

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